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Robin Hood.
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For the first time, Disney's Robin Hood gets its due on CD with a two-disc release that includes classic songs like Not in Nottingham; Oo-De-Lally; and Whistle Stop, as well as treasures from the Disney vault.
1Robin Hood~Main Title
2Robin Hood~Whistle Stop
3Robin Hood~OO-De-Lally
4Robin Hood~Hail John
5Robin Hood~It's Only a Circus
6Robin Hood~Fortune Tellers
7Robin Hood~Enter the Sheriff
8Robin Hood~Skippy's Birthday Gift
9Robin Hood~A Lost Arrow
10Robin Hood~Meeting Maid Marian
11Robin Hood~To the Winner
12Robin Hood~The Archery Affair
13Robin Hood~Fooling Ol' Bushel Britches
14Robin Hood~Archer's Processional
15Robin Hood~Sir Hiss Suspects
16Robin Hood~Well, Well
17Robin Hood~The Loser
18Robin Hood~Seize the Fat One
19Robin Hood~Fight on Wisconsin
20Robin Hood~There You Are
21Robin Hood~Love
22Robin Hood~The Phony King of England
23Robin Hood~Double the Taxes
24Robin Hood~Not in Nottingham
25Robin Hood~Not Yourself Today
26Robin Hood~Bird Brain
27Robin Hood~Lower the Bridge
28Robin Hood~All's Well That Ends Well
29Robin Hood~Whistle Stop (Ragtime Demo)
30Robin Hood~OO-De-Lally (Country Western Score Demo)
31Robin Hood~Not in Nottingham (Prince John Demo)
32Robin Hood~Love (Robin Hood Version)
33Robin Hood~The Phony King of England (Country Western Version)
34Robin Hood~King Louie and Robin Hood
35Robin Hood~Robin and Me
36Robin Hood~Sherwood Forest
37Robin Hood~The Phony King of England
38Robin Hood~Friar Tuck
39Robin Hood~Merry Men
40Robin Hood~Love
41Robin Hood~Robin Hood
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