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Born for this : how to find the work you were meant to do
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Have you ever met someone with the perfect job? To the outside observer, it seems like they've won the career lottery -- that by some stroke of luck or circumstance they've found the one thing they love so much that it doesn't even feel like work--and they're getting paid well to do it.  <br> <br> <br> To the outside observer, it seems like they've won the career lottery--that by some stroke of luck or circumstance, they've found the one thing they love so much that it doesn't even feel like work, and they're getting paid well to do it.<br> <br> In reality, their good fortune has nothing to do with chance. There's a method for finding your perfect job, and Chris Guillebeau, the bestselling author of The $100 Startup , has created a practical guide for how to do it--whether within a traditional company or business, or by striking out on your own.<br> <br> Finding the work you were "born to do" isn't just about discovering your passion. Doing what brings you joy is great, but if you aren't earning a living, it's a hobby, not a career. And those who jump out of bed excited to go to work every morning don't just have jobs that turn their passions into paychecks. They have jobs where they also can lose themselves for hours in the flow of meaningful work.<br> <br> This intersection of joy, money, and flow is what Guillebeau will help you find in this book. Through inspiring stories of those who have successfully landed their dream career, as well as actionable tools, exercises, and thought experiments, he'll guide you through today's vast menu of career options to discover the work perfectly suited to your unique interests, skills, and experiences.<br> <br> You'll learn how to:<br> * Hack the job of your dreams within a traditional organization by making it work for you<br> * Find not only your ideal work but also your ideal working conditions<br> * Create plans that will allow you to take smarter career risks and "beat the house" every time<br> * Start a profitable "side hustle" and earn extra cash on top of your primary stream of income<br> * Escape the prison of working for someone else and build a mini-empire as an entrepreneur<br> * Become a rock star at any creative endeavor by creating a loyal base of fans and followers<br> <br> Whichever path you choose, this book will show you how to find that one job or career that feels so right, it's like you were born to do it.
Table of Contents
Plan of Attackp. 1
Terms of Engagementp. 3
1Flip the Scriptp. 9
Objective: Choose the Winning Ticket to Your Career Lotteryp. 9
2Your Money and Your Lifep. 25
Objective: Have Bothp. 25
3Always Bet on Yourselfp. 57
Objective: Beat the Housep. 57
4Prison Break 101p. 77
Objective: Master the Right Skillsp. 77
5The Answer in Your Inboxp. 101
Objective: Find Your Thingp. 101
6Life Coaching from Jay-Zp. 123
Objective: Expand Your Options, Then Limit Themp. 123
Next Steps: A Menu of Optionsp. 140
7Side Hustlep. 143
Objective: Make More Moneyp. 143
8You, Inc.p. 175
Objective: Build a Small Empirep. 175
9How to Become a Firefighter (or Whatever You Want)p. 195
Objective: Play the Came That Will Increase Your Oddsp. 195
10The Self-Employed Employeep. 221
Objective: Become Indispensablep. 221
11DIY Rock Starp. 243
Objective: Recruit a Small Army of Fans and Supportersp. 243
12How to do Everything You Wantp. 263
Objective: Refuse to Choosep. 263
13Winners Give Up All the Timep. 287
Objective: Pursue the Right Opportunities (and Say Farewell to the Wrong Ones)p. 287
Appendix 1Tool Kitp. 303
Appendix 2"Here's How I'll Make You a Lot of Money" (Email Pitch)p. 306
Appendix 3Never Lose at Tic-Tac-Toe (Bonus Lesson!)p. 308
Indexp. 310
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